Bookish Cards (BTS) – Part I

Hello book lovers!

About two weeks ago I started watching the anime Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card! I loved so much the first season of Sakura when I was little that I had to watch this new show! It brings me so much nostalgia but also good feelings definitely!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this anime is about the story of Sakura, an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book that had been sealed in for years.

This story inspired me to do a new design collection, cards inspired by books! My first idea was to create “The Library” card, because it all starts there right? 😉 I started sketching the idea on my sketchbook with a pencil like I normally do, after that I took a picture of the sketch and transferred to my iPad Pro and continue the process in the app Procreate. After that I finished the design in my computer using Adobe Photoshop CC.

“The Library” design can be found on both of my online stores if you are interested!


My second idea for this collection was “The Book Dragon”, I like this designation more than “bookworm”, I think it’s more powerful! The designing process was the same as “The Library”. I really liked the final result, it turned out just like I wanted it to be!


I plan to continue this collection, I still have a few more ideas to do! 😉 The main objective of these designs is to create bookmarks, it has the perfect shape for it. Hopefully you’ll see these ones on sale soon…!

For part II Click here

Thank you for checking out! ❤


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