Bookish Cards (BTS) – Part II

Hello book lovers!

For those who don’t know I’m doing some illustrations which I call “Bookish cards”. If you want to know more about it check my other post ↓
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I want to share with you more illustrations I made for this collection, starting by “The Voyager”:

3. voy copy

What I wanted to represent here was the reader, a reader is a voyager between the pages of a book. When I choose to read a book, I always seek for new adventures and that was the main idea for this illustration. I drawn a voyager (being the reader) in a flying boat, which represents also an infinite imagination in the sky, seeking for new adventures (flying books).

“The Writer” was the next illustration:

4. wirt.jpg

As the title says, this one is for the writers! They have an enormous creativity, and the ability of creating new worlds through words. In this illustration I created a little writer above a ink pot writing his story. I wanted to give dimension to the page that he’s writing because the imagination is endless, such as his page.

Lastly but not least, I have here to show you “The Time”:

5. time.jpg

“So many books, so little time.” said Frank Zappa. And that was the inspiration for this illustration. To represent the time I choose an hourglass and inside it, is falling books. The top of the hourglass represents (in my mind) the unread books, the endless pile that we all know! And the bottom is the read ones, which in some cases are less than the actually TBR! With time, more books will fall, the ones we will read.

I hope you enjoyed the second part of my “Bookish cards” behind the scenes!

Thank you for checking out ❤


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