Once upon a time (BTS)

Hello book lovers!

In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and in honor to that I did this design! Of course the love I’m talking about is about books 😉

We all had that one book that changed our life completely right? That first book that you picked up and never stopped reading after that. This design is inspired by that moment!

“Once upon a time I opened a book and fell in love” quote popped into my mind one day and I decided to give a beautiful lettering to it with a romantic look. As usual I used my sketchbook to draw the lettering I wanted, after that I passed to my iPad pro and designed the quote with more detail.bts.jpg


I finished the design in Photoshop CC with the help of my Wacom Intuos Pro Paper, I added some flowers and gave to the lettering a more stylish look.


“Once upon a time” is available on my Society6 and Redbubble stores (Click here), here are examples of some of products with this design that you can purchase!


I hope you liked this design! Thank you for checking out ❤



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