Mulan (BTS)

Hello book lovers! ❀

Disney it’s always been present in my life since I could remember and so as art! Since I received my iPad pro I started to draw disney characters. I started with Belle and her book, but after her I started to draw the characters with their mascots, like a fluffy stuffed animal version of them!

So far I’ve drawn 6 characters, and my recent one is Mulan! Mulan wasn’t one my favorites when I was a kid, but since last year when I watched again the movie, I easily fell in love with the story and the characters this time! And since I’m currently reading “Flame in the Mist” by Renee Ahdieh which is a retelling of Mulan, I had the inspiration to draw this Disney character!

So for this collection I always start the illustration based on the previous character (In this case was Moana), and I draw over it, as you can see in the time-lapse bellow. The reason I do that is to keep the proportions and the position of the character in the same way.Β

bts copy.jpg

The only software I used was Procreate in my iPad pro. Drawing directly in the screen is the best way to create this characters! For this collection my method is always the same, I only use 4 layers: 1 for the sketch, 1 for the outline, 1 for color and shading and 1 for shadows and final details.

And this is the result! I’m planning selling magnetic bookmarks, stickers and badges in the future so don’t forget to give me a follow to get the updates! πŸ˜€


Take a look of the other Disney characters I’ve made so far! What character would you like to see next?

IMG_7934 cop.jpg

I hope you liked Mulan! Thank you for checking out ❀


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