Shine my day (BTS)

Hello book lovers! ❤

This week I asked you on Instagram which of the following sentences would you prefer for me to use on a design:

1 – Books are my sunshine or 2 – All I need is a good book to shine my day

The votes were very close, but with 52% the sentence number 2 won! 😀

Despite the weather is very ugly and it’s raining a lot lately, I wanted to create an artwork to welcome the Spring and for that I planned drawing my favorite flower – sunflower, with a pixie reading a book!

bts 1copy.jpg (1)



On a watercolor paper I started sketching the elements I was planning to use. When I finished, I painted with watercolor until I was happy with the result!



Then I scanned the painting and used Procreate on my iPad pro to outline the elements, this way it’s more perceptible and give a more finishing look to it. After everything is on place I wrote the sentence you picked “All I need is a good book to shine my day” in this illustration and it’s done! Oh I just added a spot of watercolor in the background because I thought something was missing!


“Shine my day” is now available on my Society6 and Redbubble stores (Click here), here are some examples of this design applied in products that you can buy for yourself:

bts copy.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this illustration! Thank you for checking out ❤

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