Find a place (BTS)

Hello book lovers! ❤

I have a new artwork to share with you! Yes finally a brand new lettering design! “Find a place with books and kindness” is a design I’ve wanting to do for a while now, I imagined this quote one day and I wanted to make something special with it.

Everyone needs kindness in their lives, it’s one of the best things people can give to each other so I wanted to portrait that in this design along with books (obviously). Because what a better place than have these two things right?

bts copy copy copy.jpg

I started sketching some ideas on my sketchbooks for this design with a mechanical pencil (1), when I was happy with the result I used a Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen to trace the words I wanted (2). After that step I took a picture of it and on my iPad pro, with the app Procreate, I designed the quote over that (3).


After everything is done I drew some flowers on my iPad as well to use later on the finished design. To finalize it on Adobe Photoshop I added the flowers and give some color on the quote just like I wanted!

“Find a place” design is now available on my Society6 and Redbubble stores (Click here). Here are some examples of products that you can find to purchase:

bts copy copy 2.jpg

I hope you liked this design and thank you for checking out! ❤


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