Sarai (BTS)

Hello book lovers! ❀

“Strange the Dreamer” was one of my favorite reads of 2017. It was a fantastic fantasy novel that I enjoyed every page!

The characters are so interesting and singular, that I had to do one at least one! I choose one of main characters, Sarai, to illustrate. What fascinated me in this character was her blue skin and her connection to moths, two distinctive elements that I’ve never draw before!

For the creation of this artwork I took a picture of myself with the pose I wanted for Sarai (It was the first time I did this and I think I’ll use this method in the future!) Then I used that picture as reference and draw a sketch in Procreate, using my iPad pro.

Then I traced the lines I wanted and started painting with base colors. After that, I use some shading to highlight the illustration and give a more complete look.

bts copy.jpg

To finish the artwork I decided to draw some flowers and moths around Sarai and then I gave some final touches in Adobe Photoshop and it’s done!


“Sarai” is available on my Society6 and Redbubble stores (Click here), on a bunch of different products, here are some examples you can find:


I hope you enjoyed this illustration! Thank you for checking out ❀